Antibiotic Resistance: Learn and Be Cautious

"Mother! Mother! The body feels hot! "After listening to this, many mothers are giving fever tablets to her child nowadays, while giving antibiotics also. Antibiotic resistance is not new. In fact, it existed long before people discovered how to use antibiotics as medicine. Antibiotic Resistance may start from here.

Antibiotic Resistance: Learn and Be Cautious Image

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

Antibiotics are generally used to protect against bacterial attacks. Antibiotics vary for different types of bacteria. If not used for the right amount and for adequate time, the bacteria are not destroyed but become more powerful. Then there is no other effect on this antibiotic bacterium. This condition is called antibiotic resistance.

Why Antibiotics Resistance Occur?

  • If you have to use antibiotics without need
  • If not taken antibiotics on a timely and accurate basis
  • Except to use antibiotics without the doctor's advice

Way of Antibiotics Resistance

  • Do not take antibiotics if it is cold or cold. Because they are by virus attack.
  • Tell your doctor if it is not necessary to take antibiotics.
  • Accept proper levels of antibiotics at the right time according to the doctor's advice.
  • Do not take antibiotics as long as the doctor says.

Note: All our writings are analyzed by expert doctors and information provided is collected from contemporary scientific sources and these information is not published in any way to direct diagnosis or treatment. Creating public health awareness is our goal.

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