Do You know, the body warns you 1 month before being a heart attack

In the world every year more than 6 million people die due to a heart attack. In the last 30-40 years, the death rate of heart attacks has increased by 50% in the world. But it is possible to save half of the people lives if we will a little cautious.

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At least one month before the heart attack, there are some symptoms in the body which many of us do not know. If these occur, it can be possible to save many patients if the patient is discharged. Let's know the signs.

Now here we discuss some foreboding of heart attack-

Feeling chest pressure

A heart attack does not happen suddenly. Earlier, trying to alert you repeatedly by causing pressure and pain in the chest. If you have acute pressure and pain in your chest, then consult your doctor.


If the problem of cardiovascular disease increases, there is a cold cough in the body. It is not possible to remove in any way.

The problem of breathing

Thinking of a patient who had died of a heart attack a few days before his death, you could see that he had problems breathing. If there is a cardiovascular disease, the plaque will be stored inside the body's veins and arteries. Thereby, the efficiency of the lungs is hampered.

Body weak

The body becomes very weak. There is no energy in muscles. Even sitting in bed is difficult.

Rotating the head and wetting the body

If there is a problem in blood circulation, the body gets wet and the head rotates. Blood can not normally be transmitted through the veins and arteries due to cardiovascular disease. If you see this happen quickly, get to the doctor.


When the blood can not move normally through the body's arteries, our heart works much more than normal. As a result the body is always weak. If such a depression has occurred, then consult a doctor.

Note: All our writings are analyzed by expert doctors and information provided is collected from contemporary scientific sources and these information is not published in any way to direct diagnosis or treatment. Creating public health awareness is our goal.

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