Why it is important to know about men's sexual health

Talking about men's sexual health in our society is seen as a shame. But there are so many sexual problems or situations in men that they have to suffer at some point in their life. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in the emergence of sex. Fear, despair, shame, etc. due to various reasons, many people live in despair, ‍and also Many people think excessive about go to a doctor.

This gender-related problem can be solved individually. In most cases, the effect of physical and emotional life and life is responsible for this problem.

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What is the problem of sex emerging?

If the disease (Erectile Dysfunction) appears irregularly, it is not a matter of concern. However, if this problem occurs again and again, it must understand that it may be a sign of a serious disease and may be threatened by men's sexual health. In this case, you have to consult the doctor.

What is the reason for the emergence of sex?

Men's sexual tension is a complex process and in this process the brain, hormones, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, emotions and feelings all work together. In one of these, abnormalities can lead to the emergence of penile gases and men's sexual health problems.

These problems can arise for physical and mental illness, and this problem may worsen for anxiety and other mental illness. The causes of this disease are discussed below:

Physical cause

The men's sexual health is threatened due to the physical problems that arise due to sexual problems.

  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis or vascular closure.
  • Increased blood cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes
  • Extra fat
  • At the same time, some symptoms (high blood pressure, increase in insulin and cholesterol and fat deposits near the waist) (Metabolic Syndrome).
  • Parkinson's disease.
  • Decreasing the amount of testosterone.
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Tobacco use.
  • Use of alcohol and other addictive products.
  • When the prostate (prostate) grow / swell or gets treatment for prostate cancer.
  • If there is any damage to the pelvic and spinal cord for any operation or injury.

Psychological reason

WOur brain plays an important role in creating sexual tension. Therefore, this disease can also occur due to various mental problems. Such as:

  • Depression, anxiety and other mental disorders can increase heart rate, blood pressure and fatigue, which can affect your sex life.
  • Mental pressure.
  • The first child to be born in a higher age
  • Lack of relationship or tension.
  • These fears that you can not meet your partner's sexual needs may be responsible for your physical problems.
  • Your mental state has a serious effect on your sex life. Sexual tension also starts to decrease without being emotionally upset.
  • Often people are indifferent to sexuality. At that time, such problems arise.
  • If the problem of sex emerges, the person becomes more apprehensive. Or, when setting up a sexual relationship for the first time, the person faces problems related to the emergence of sex due to fear or anxiety.

What are the risks of this disease?

  • The emergence of sex increases the risk of the disease when the nerves or nerves are controlled by injury due to any injury.
  • Due to the use of certain medicines such as antidepressants, antihistamines and high blood pressure, pain and prostate cancer, the risk of this disease increases.
  • Increases the risk of alcoholism and drug use.
  • For To ride bicycles long, the nerves collapse and the flow of blood flow to the penis. Thereby, the ability of sex to rise for some time may be reduced.

What is the side effect that is given for the ED?

Viagra and the common side effects of such medicines are the headaches that can be seen in 16 percent of the users. Reduction of blood pressure of 10 percent of the users, headache and mouth redness. 10 percent of the users have difficulty digesting the food. The nose of 10 percent of the users is closed. Some Viagra users have vision problems. Men's sexual health may be at risk of these medicines.

How much surgery is necessary for this disease?

Prior to this, there was only one treatment for this disease and it was the establishment of prosthetic devices in the sex with the help of surgery. However, now with the help of medicine, treatment of this disease is possible and only if the operation is not possible with the help of medicine. Only a registered doctor will determine whether you need to take medication or surgery.

Health Tips

  • Exercise or weight control.
  • You have to quit smoking.
  • Avoid alcoholism.
  • To eat nutritious and healthy food.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol should be kept in control.
  • Reduce anxiety and sleep adequately, (at least 7 hours at night).
  • You can eat watermelon juice.
  • Pomegranate juice is beneficial.
  • Do not suffer from inferiority.
  • Talk about the matter with the nearby people.

The effects of mental state on men's sexual health are significant. The problem of sex emerging is very common. About 90% of people suffer from this issue, leave the issue and do not discuss the shame with the partner. If you go to a doctor like a fever, take care of your partner's needs, and you will also need to talk to you about such problems; You have to talk to your partner. It is possible to solve the problem of sex emerging easily by following the above mentioned domestic rules and by improving the mental condition.

Note: All our writings are analyzed by expert doctors and information provided is collected from contemporary scientific sources and these information is not published in any way to direct diagnosis or treatment. Creating public health awareness is our goal.

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