Your role in preventing breast cancer

You may also be suffering from breast cancer. There is nothing to be surprised. Once breast cancer attacks are difficult to protect. Therefore, it is important to identify the disease and make appropriate measures accordingly. Today, we will learn about the treatment of breast cancer.

Your role in preventing breast cancer

Who is at risk of breast cancer?

Whether you can get breast cancer depends on your age, living and married life. Generally, the person described below may be at risk of breast cancer

  • Older people
  • If any of the family is infected by breast cancer
  • The first child to be born in a higher age
  • If you have already been breast-fed by radiation
  • Using drugs
  • Accepting progesterone or estrogen hormone

How do you know if you have breast cancer?
Breast cancer attacks with certain signs. Such as:

  • Muscles appear around the breast or under the armpit
  • Extra discharge of breast
  • Nipple disfigure
  • The abnormal changes of the breast come; Such as excessive dizziness, uneven shape, swelling or shrinking in size
  • In other parts of the body, heat dissipation from the breast
  • If you do not get pain when breast pressure is applied

Some home remedies for breast cancer

  • Antibiotics of garlic protect the human from the attack of various bacteria and fungi. Garlic full of cancer resistant ingredients. Garlic helps create special disease prevention to destroy cancer cells. It is beneficial to eat raw garlic by not taking it in cooking, crushing or oil formation to prevent breast cancer.
  • The brakelite contains elements called lymnarezage zinc. When it enters the cancer cell, it can be converted to cyanide and destroy the cancer cells. Therefore, the prevention of breast cancer in breast cancer.
  • By reducing the production of grapes to reduce the production of estrogen, the grapple reduces the tendency to develop breast cancer.
  • Stick with a green tea in a glass of water. Drink halfway to drink water. The anti-inflammatory material of this tea plays an important role in the prevention of breast cancer.
  • Vitamin D plays an effective role to keep away from breast cancer. Vitamin D is available in milk, eggs and cod liver oil.
  • Have to exercise regularly.
  • Eat low calorie foods.
  • Recent studies have shown that olive oil in the olive oil plays an active role in the prevention of breast cancer.

Note: All our writings are analyzed by expert doctors and information provided is collected from contemporary scientific sources and these information is not published in any way to direct diagnosis or treatment. Creating public health awareness is our goal.

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