What Are The Best Websites To Learn PHP

Hey, glad to know that you are looking for what are the best websites to learn PHP programming language.yes if you are thinking that how to learn PHP and where from you should start then you are in the right place, my dear friend.here we are going to know about the best websites those are providing the great tutorial about PHP. Best websites to learn php

So our vision is to provide you the best and great resources to learn PHP from beginner to advanced.So From the listed website, you will get a lot of resources to learn and enhance your skill as a PHP developer.So wish you all the best and have a great career.

PHP stands for “Hypertext PreProcessor”. PHP is created for only to develop a personal home page. But now It’s very easy to learn and it will help you to create dynamic websites.PHP is an object-oriented programming language.Still known as a server-side scripting language.
It’s very easy to learn and it will help you to create dynamic websites.

okay so let’s hope in.

1. PHP Manual

php dot net this website is addressed with the PHP Manual.this is the PHP official documentation.you will get each and everything that you need to know about PHP. Just you have to know how to use this site. They have a huge explanation about each and every keyword and functions. It’s a great resource.

2. W3schools

w3schools php W3schools. For web development and design related each and every topic you will get on this website.they call it “try it yourself” this features actually let you do the code by yourself and show you the output also.So go and try your code there and learn it simply.

Good luck…

3. Tutorials Point

Tutorials point php tutorial Tutorialspoint is a great resource to learn something no doubt on that. For PHP tutorial, they also have a nice tutorial. They explained about the PHP Basic in a nice way. They also provide a section called advanced PHP.in this section they explore PHP with some other technologies, like PHP & MYSQL, PHP & Ajax, PHP & XML and PHP OOP.


codecademy php tutorial Codecademy is a website where you will learn by solving problems. So their lessons are created on that way.you have to read the topics then they will give you a small problem to solve then if you passed then you good to go into the next chapter. I like the way they teach.


learn php org Learn PHP Org has a vision is to teach PHP in the browser using short and effective exercises for beginner that you really enjoy. They have an interface is like coding ground so if you want to practice php without installing the apache server . you are good to go in this website and learn and practice there.


laracasts Laracast actually developed by the team those are created the best and great framework for PHP called laravel. they have 13 series of PHP tutorial with clean and great explanation.If you are really want to learn some advanced level of PHP or want to learn in deep. Then laracasts will be the best choice for you. Best of luck.


develop php Developphp is owned by Adom Khuory . this guy is excellent he provides video tutorial not like other people. He will not teach you the basic things he will teach PHP with the real world problems solution . he will teach you like how to create CMS, How to Create Blog, How to Create a Social Media and so on. This guy explained a lot. So go there check his video and learn how to create the real application.

8. Tutorial Republic

tutorial republic php tutorial Tutorial Republic is designed for web developer or those are interested to learn web development technologies. They have PHP tutorial with a lot of examples .

Let's draw the bottom line

In Short, Out there is a ton of resources to learn PHP . But most of the websites are not updated with the latest verison of PHP and they don’t have content for Object Oriented PHP . But the mentioned websites up there all are full featured and full of knowledge with the latest version of PHP 7 .

Thank you so much for stopping by here .Feel Free Put a comments if you have any favourite website that we have missed and make sure this information is not missed by your friends. Share for them . Thank you again.

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